Amal Alliance is a proud Co-Sponsor of Education for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)’s first Global Refugee Forum to be held in Geneva, Switzerland December 17-18, 2019. The goal of this forum is to deliver concrete pledges and contributions that will advance the objectives of the Global Compact and achieve tangible benefits for refugees and host communities. To learn more visit the GRF website.

Join our Pledge to #PrioritizePSS 

Considering that: 

  • The refugee populations served by NGO agencies and States in the education field face trauma and on-going stressors, with limited support and resources available, it is critical to provide adequate psychosocial support; 
  • Teachers in crisis contexts are themselves often exposed to trauma and vicarious trauma while also managing trauma of children within the classroom; 
  • Prioritizing psycho-social support through trauma-informed programming for refugee and host community children strengthens social cohesion and resilience

We the undersigned organizations and colleagues, ahead of the Global Refugee Forum 2019, hereby pledge to: 

  • PRIORITIZE the psycho-social wellbeing of refugee and host community children and teachers/caregivers
  • SUPPORT children’s psychosocial needs through social emotional learning programs that build resilience and the necessary skills to support children’s growth into peaceful, successful community members 
  • NURTURE social cohesion between host and refugee communities by providing opportunities to learn and grow together
  • ADDRESS the specific needs of girls and young women, boys and young men through psycho-social and trauma informed programs
  • TRAIN teachers and caregivers with coping skills and techniques that address chronic stress and self-care that helps support their own personal mental health
  • INCREASE access to specialised training for educators, emergency practitioners, and parents/caregivers that prioritize mental health and provide a positive example of community support and engagement
  • SUPPORT transitions for refugees into host communities and into the formal education system

We also call:

  • All agencies, public and private funders, and States to prioritize psycho-social interventions in the field of refugee response to reach 50,000 children (25,000 in ECD & 25,000 in primary) and train 3,000 teachers
  • Academia to provide evidence based research for psychosocial interventions in crisis contexts, linking them to sustainable development and peacebuilding
  • On varying stakeholders to form a consortium to work together in a complementary way to reach 50,000 children by 2020 in refugee communities around the world 

NONE OF THESE PLEDGES CAN BE ACHIEVED ALONE. We urge all to endorse this critical work.

If your organization is interested in collaborating with us to advance these goals, please do not hesitate to contact us at We look forward to working together to advance our collective missions and provide these children with the education and psycho-social support they need and deserve!