The Rainbow of Education is a holistic, informal approach to education that provides children the opportunity to learn at their capability and confidence level. The social emotional learning program stimulates their minds, teaches them to balance and regulate their emotions, supports psychosocial and socio-cognitive needs, and provides a sense of happiness for today and hope for the future.

In a safe learning environment, in a maximum size class of 15 children, children ages 7-16 are guided to participate in group activities and team building exercises that instill important life skills such as resiliency, compassion, empathy, and kindness. Our child-focused and trauma informed curricula incorporates kids yoga, mindfulness, dance, art therapy, music, reading, creative writing, play, fitness, and fun.

Our programs emphasizes movement substantially, as it serves as the foundation for all learning. It also creates opportunities for children to develop balance, muscle tone, motor skills, bilateral skills, and hand-eye coordination – enhancing their ability to read and write.

It is important to note that our programs serve both the displaced population and the disenfranchised youth of the host community. Because of the diverse populations typical in today’s refugee environments, our material is sensitive and considerate of language barriers, cultural heritage, religious diversity, disabilities, and gender identity.