Reading 4 All allows children to participate in informal educational programs to stimulate their minds, meet their socio-cognitive needs, and to give them a sense of happiness for today and hope for the future. Because of the diverse populations typical in today’s refugee environments, it is imperative to be sensitive and considerate of language barriers, cultural heritage, religious diversity, and gender issues.

Children are provided a safe and secure environment where they are guided to read, learn, play, and participate in group activities. Children can develop language, motor and cognitive skills through curricula consisting of English, reading, basic mathematics, and other activities, to include art and music. This holistic, non-formal approach to education provides children the opportunity to learn at their capability and confidence level.

These education programs provide child-focused curricula to develop foundational interpersonal and education skills for future formal education integration. Programs consist of 4 days of safe learning time during the week for children between the ages of 4 and12, in a maximum size class of 15 children with a minimum of two educators. Safe space learning environments are located within a common area designated specifically for education purposes in camps.

It is important to note that our programs serve both the displaced population and the disenfranchised youth of the host community.