Our Rainbow of Education provides the littlest ones, ages 1-6, with quality early learning and childhood development. Overwhelming evidence has demonstrated that play is one of the most essential ways in which children gain essential knowledge and skills in their formative years.

In a safe learning space, with a maximum class size of 15, our play centered approach allows children to learn crucial life skills like problem-solving, creativity, empathy, communication, and teamwork. By incorporating mindfulness education and yoga, we support the youngest of children’s motor development, specifically their intellectual, emotional, and social development. More so, our trauma informed and child-focused curricula teaches them to balance, understand direction, better their coordination, begin moral reasoning, focus, and learn to listen. Such programs also instill an appreciation and love for healthy movement at an early age.

Collaborative structured play helps children cope with the effects of toxic stress, anxiety, and trauma caused by displacement and conflict. Establishing a sense of community in early childhood education is critical in restoring a sense of normalcy to help children rebuild their lives.

It is important to note that our programs serve both the displaced population and the disenfranchised youth of the host community. Because of the diverse populations typical in today’s refugee environments, our material is sensitive and considerate of language barriers, cultural heritage, religious diversity, disabilities, and gender identity.